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Session #5

During the final session we will review the areas we have been working on and the details of the DMV test. We will take a practice DMV test. We will follow the exact same procedures that will be done on the test, behave as the examiner will, and score the student as though it were the actual test. (We take a similar test but we do not drive in the actual DMV test areas). Students find this very helpful and calming for the actual test. We eliminate the fear of the unknown so that when the examiner begins the actual testing the student recognizes the procedures.

When we end the practice test, we explain their mistakes. Students often make mistakes they normally don't just because they got nervous on the practice test. This really helps them to relax and do well on the actual test.

At the end of session five, the six hours of training is completed. We will then go to the DMV and wait for the student while they take the actual drive test in our school car. This takes anywhere from one to one and a half hours by the time we get them back home. We donate this time. It is not part of the training time and we do not charge for this service. We can schedule the drive test appointment for you (please check with your instructor about options). We know exactly the paperwork needed and the DMV procedures. This way we can be certain of no disappointments. The majority of our students pass the test on the first try. Although we have an excellent success rate we do not guarantee passing the DMV test. It is still the students ability and experience that is out on that test, not us.

We do guarantee excellent training, a safe training vehicle, and a dedicated instructor. We do reserve the right to refuse taking any student to their test that is obviously not ready.

If you have any questions before or throughout training, please feel free to contact us by email, text or telephone "at any time". We will be happy to correspond or talk with you.

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