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Session #4

Our forth session is back to one hour in length. We try to schedule this session at night, however it is not required. During the summer months it is not possible. We will work on parallel parking (no longer on the drive test), we will do two point turns, proper use of the center left turn lane, up and downhill parking. We review pulling to the curb and backing straight (that is on the test).

We will work on any areas that still need improvement. At the end of this session we provide the parent with a ready or not ready evaluation. We evaluate the student in four areas:


Passing the DMV test is easy when compared to the variety of situations the new driver will encounter. A lack of practice time, experience, and exposure will manifest itself in the form of tickets or accidents once behind the wheel and on their own. We take great pride in our training program and re-enforce good, safe habits throughout the process. HOWEVER, NOTHING WILL KEEP A STUDENT SAFER ONCE ON THEIR OWN MORE THAN A LOT OF PRACTICE TIME, EXPERIENCE, AND EXPOSURE BEFORE THEY GET THEIR LICENSE.

We provide parents with a written report throughout training in the hope that they will recognize the need for experience. It is heartbreaking for us to see students get their license without sufficient practice. It is unbelievable to think students spend hours and hours, many times a week practicing for soccer, or swimming, or band, yet when it comes to driving (the single number one killer of teens, and the most dangerous activity most people ever do in their entire life), somehow there just isn't the time to practice.

We urge you to let them drive everywhere. Even quick trips to the grocery store or to and from school. If they are in the car, let them be the driver. Their future safety depends on having good caution habits and obtaining a library of experience to draw from when they are faced with an emergency situation. We promise to do our part creating caution habits, PLEASE see that they get the practice time and experience to keep them safe.

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