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Session #2

The second session is also one hour in length. We will get the feel of the vehicle again, about five minutes in neighborhoods, then head for light, and eventually heavy traffic. This session we want to work on reading the mirror and judging the flow of traffic when making safe lane changes. We will do a lot of lane changes, turns into and out of traffic, dual turn lanes, anticipating others, thinking ahead of time to get into the proper lane. We will go into parking lots and do both perpendicular and angle parking, first away from other vehicles, then between two parked vehicles. We will also work on pulling to the curb, backing straight, and three-point turns.

If the student has not had sufficient practice to work on these areas, we will be spending most of the session repeating our first session. That pushes new areas we should be covering now into the next session and shortens the time allowed to explore new facets of driving. Without practice time, we can't work on reading the mirror with a student that is trying to stay in the lane. For most new drivers, two to three hours of practice before this session is enough to be ready to move on. Before the third session, the new driver should have from 15-20 hours of practice time.

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