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Session #1

Our first session is one hour in length. We will validate the permit (stamp and sign it) so that the student is then legal to drive with a parent or guardian. We drive with students who are at all levels of experience. Some have driven in neighborhoods, some in traffic, some in parking lots, most have never driven at all. We are comfortable with students at all levels and strive to relax the student and make them comfortable with the vehicle and us.

We will start by getting familiar with the controls. We will drive in neighborhoods first working on proper steering position and use of the accelerator and brake. We will make a lot of right and left turns, working on intersection evaluation, control, lane position, and stop position.

We start right away working on using good caution. Checking the mirror when braking, scanning side streets, and looking left and right before entering an intersection. Developing good caution habits should start right away.

If in the instructor's assessment the student is ready, we will finish the session getting into light traffic and lane changing in light or no traffic. Working on control of the vehicle while using the mirror and shoulder looks, and maintaining speed.

We provide you with a form that shows the areas we covered and areas needing practice. Before the second session, the new driver should have at least two or three hours of practice time with a parent or guardian.

Session #2