Practice for your Written Test

Prepared for you by Referral Driving School / from official DMV released practice questions. Here you will find 162 questions to practice for your written test. The questions are presented in three different formats. Choose the format that is the most appropriate for your needs.

This study website contains approximately 90% of the questions and answers on the DMV written test. DMV tests change on a constant basis and it seems that there will always be a few questions and answers that we will most likely be missing.

Considering this, you should read the DMV handbook. It is short and easy to read. Then take the test on our website. It is a productive way to build confidence and do well on the DMV written test.

Your permit test will consist of 46 questions and you can not miss more than eight. Our practice test questions will be scrambled every time you sign on. If you can take the entire practice test three times and not miss more than 15, you should have a good DMV permit test. If you can take the test and get 100%, you are doing very well and are ready to get your permit.